Friends of  Washington Park 


Park Rules

City of Atlanta parks are public spaces, and visitors to them should be respectful of themselves, others, and park property. There are some specific regulations governing behavior in parks that we would like to emphasize. Those statements are presented below.  For information on reserving a pavilion or ballfield,  You can call 404.817.6757 or visit City of Atlanta’s website.    

Washington Park is open from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. daily.

Report illegal activities to 911.

Place all litter in receptacles.

All pets must be on a leash.

Persons with pets must clean up after the pet.

No pets are allowed during festivals.

No horses or ponies are allowed in any park at any time.

No vehicles allowed off paved roads or on closed park roads. 

No tents or canopies allowed without the expressed written permission of the Commissioner, Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, and other permits required by the city. 

No moonwalks, dunk tanks, or any equipment that calls for independent  power.

All games and activities that could damage the lawns are restricted.

No glass containers allowed.

No amplified music allowed (except by special permit). 

No selling of food or other items (except by special permit).

No commercial activities, including soliciting and vending without Park permission Panhandling

No camping (unless you have gotten permission)

No camp fires (unless you have gotten permission)

No llegal drug use

No firearms and other weapons

No alcohol (except that purchased or permitted during special events)

The above policies have been established to make your visit to Washington Park a pleasant and safe experience. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.