Friends of  Washington Park 




      Park Visioning


  Throughout Atlanta, volunteers are giving their time, money, and resources to improve our city's parks. We find their dedication inspirational – and we want to help them inspire others. Which is why FoWP is embarking on an ambitious "Park Visioning" initiative.
   We see the beauty and the potential of Washington Park. Under the ivy, the graffiti, and the overgrowth lies a emerald in the rough, just waiting to be lovingly carved and oiled untill it is radiant. We are organized group of committed individuals ready to make our park shine. With the help of Park Pride, we have created a plan to redevelop Washington Park. This project has many stages. Along the way, we will develop projects that can help us reach our vision. We will identify materials, tools and resources that will be needed, emphasizing projects that our community can implement on its own or with available partners, hopefully with you. 

Here you can see the future of Washington Park.

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